To the anon previously, sorry I accidentally deleted your ask!

I just used MS Paint to draw all the dumb pictures here and a mouse so they’re all done by hand, nothing super fancy haha

Anonymous asked: I love you <3

i love you too anon!! :)

posted 5 months ago

Anonymous asked: My last question sounded kind of rude. I'm sorry... I was just wondering if your blog was still active. Sorry, dude(ette). :)

oh no, it’s fine, don’t worry!! i just don’t think i’ll have time anymore to post on this blog unfortunately, but at least there’s plenty of other badly drawn drawings to sift through!! maybe one day, i’ll start it up again :)

posted 6 months ago

Anonymous asked: Do you even still use this blog?

i have been really busy in the past couple months and i haven’t really had time to answer most of the requests, unfortunately ): i would like this blog to be active again, but i’m not sure how much i’ll be able to do in the future ;__;

posted 6 months ago


yo guys!!! so i can’t believe it’s been a year since i made this blog that went by way too fast WOW WTF

i know i haven’t been able to post as much as i used to, but i’m glad i still kept up with this blog the best i can and i’m glad you guys still like the really crappy stuff i draw! i hope poking fun at the game that broke our hearts made it a little more bearable :-)

that being said, thank you guys for being a really awesome fandom and requesting all this crazy stuff for me to draw!! i really appreciate it and i love you guys a hecka lot <3 also a huge thank you to all who follow this blog YOU ARE RAD KEEP BEING AWESOME

here’s to another year!!


fukin sadists

that trailer left too many unanswered questions

#isurvivedseason1 omid is back and better than ever

the gripping prequel to wyatt’s story